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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

News from the Program and Organizing Committees

07.06.2017, by Sibylle Classen

Rosa Rodríguez-Bailón & Miguel Moya, Co-chairs of the local organizing committee
and Jeroen Vaes, Chair of the scientific committee, give us an update on the upcoming General Meeting in Granada, which will be exceptional in many ways

Dear friends and colleagues,

The 18th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology will be held from the 5th until the 8th of July. The meeting is hosted by the University of Granada.

This edition of the EASP General Meeting will be a festive one. The EASP celebrates its 50th anniversary and this will not go by unnoticed. Several novelties have been introduced that should further emphasize the unique characteristics that make the EASP General Meeting one of the finest conference in the field.In line with previous editions, we received a record number of submissions (a total of 1677 abstracts). This further increase in submissions makes the composition of an inclusive program of high scientific quality even more challenging. The program committee worked hard to make this possible. The introduction of the blitz presentations allowed us to guarantee a platform to a lot of researchers in which they can present their work in front of an audience with time for discussion and exchange. As a result, the final program consists of 11 parallel sessions (one less than the last edition), including 128 symposia, 26 blitz presentation sessions that each contain between 10 and 14 presentations and a total of 525 posters that will be presented in 3 different poster sessions.

We obtained this program submitting all abstracts to thorough double-blind, peer-review. All submissions, including blitz presentations and posters, were evaluated by two independent reviewers on two criteria: (1) the scientific quality and overall clarity of the submission (soundness of the findings and appropriateness of theory and methodology), (2) the relevance of the research (contribution to social psychological theorizing, applied value, and/or timeliness). First selections were made by the sub-chairs on the basis of their own reading of all the submissions and the reviewers’ ratings. The final decisions regarding acceptance versus rejection were made in January in Granada in a meeting with all members of the program committee.
Even though the quality of proposals was generally very high, it was impossible to accept all abstracts and some of the ones accepted could not be retained in the format in which they were initially submitted (i.e., as symposia or blitz presentations). Still, more than 70% of all symposia and more than 60% of all submitted blitz presentations were accepted in their original format. The remaining symposia were given the chance to present their work in a blitz presentation session (circa 55%) or as a poster (circa 43%) and most of the blitz presentations that could not be accepted in their original format where given the chance to present their work as a poster. Overall, we managed to include 97% of all the submitted abstracts in the final program.

In addition, the program contains the traditional round table discussions, the award session, including the Tajfel lecture and the newly instated Moscovici and Horizon lectures. The latter is a keynote from an expert outside of Social Psychology, whose work is clearly relevant and might enrich the typical views on our field. We are happy to announce that Professor Richard Wilkinson will deliver the Horizon talk of this edition. The scientific program will start on Wednesday July 5th at 9.00, and end on Saturday July 8th at 18.30.
The General Meeting is known for its unique combination between high scientific quality and plenty of time to meet, socialize and exchange ideas. For this edition, we have the perfect setting to achieve this. Granada was the last Arab kingdom in Europe, conquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 and has an incredible historical-artistic heritage. For several centuries, it was an example of coexistence of people of various cultures (Jewish, Muslim, and Christian). Still today Moorish and Christian features can be found in the streets of Granada. As a result, the social program will have some of its recurring elements, including a welcome reception on the terrace of the conference venue with fantastic views of the city and a flamenco show on Wednesday evening, the football match on Thursday evening, but also some distinctive activities as a night visit to the Alhambra (programmed on Friday, July 7th in the evening), and the Albayzin neighborhood (programmed on Thursday, July 6th at night). Finally, the cherry on the cake, the farewell dinner and 50 years celebration party that will be held on Saturday evening. Please note that the farewell dinner this time is sponsored by the EASP to celebrate its anniversary, so do not miss it!

The conference will take place at the Granada Conference and Exhibition Centre (“Palacio de Congresos”), located at the heart of the city center and within a short walking distance of many hotels and other facilities. The registration desk for the conference will open on Tuesday July 4th from 17:00 to 20:00, and again on Wednesday morning at 7:30, at the conference center. Please consult the conference website for exact locations, program updates and practical information.

Welcome to Granada! ¡Bienvenidos a Granada!
Rosa Rodríguez-Bailón & Miguel Moya, Co-chairs of the local organizing committee
Jeroen Vaes, Chair of the scientific committee