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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Travel Grant Report by Inna Bovina

14.03.2018, by Sibylle Classen in grant report

EASP Anniversary: Some Memories about the EASP General Meeting

I had an excellent chance to get the EASP travel grant to attend the 18th EASP GM in Granada (July, 5-8, 2017). I am very pleased that I could attend this meeting. Certainly, it was something special about this event, because it was the 50th anniversary of the EASP!

At the EASP General Meeting I had an opportunity to follow the presentations on intergroup relations, health psychology, radicalisation problems, power issues and many-many other topics. At this meeting, I also got a chance to present the results of our studies on collective memory about the political repression in Russia (realised with T.Ryabova and V.Konkin) as well as on the social representations of health among Russian children and adolescents (realised in collaboration with N.Dvoryanchikov, L.Dany and M.-A.Aim).

I enjoyed the discussion with colleagues and it helped me to answer some questions that I have accumulated while reading the EJSP articles. I have met my dear colleagues from the EASP Leuven - Louvain Summer School and have met some new colleagues working on the same topics. I am sure that I have got an inspiration at the meeting, because coming back I have written an article in collaboration with some colleagues, with one of them we had some time to discuss the issue during the stay in Granada. I have got some new ideas for my research concerning health issues and social representations.

I liked the conference, the social events and the atmosphere…

The talk done by Eddy Van Avermaet made me feel a little bit nostalgic about the Summer School in Leuven, about other EASP meetings (should I say that I met Eddy at the last EAESP East-West Meeting in 1998),… but I have got an idea to write some reflections about the EASP for a local scientific journal and the paper is currently in progress.