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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

2024 EASP Summer School and Call for Organising the 2025 EASP Summer School

08.04.2024, by Media Account in ss

Deadline: July 15, 2024

EASP Brief Summer School 2023
EASP Brief Summer School 2023

The 2024 Summer School will be held in Kosice Slovakia. It is being organised by Jana Papcunova and Yasin Koc with the participation of 10 teachers involved in 5 thematic workshops. The selection process has just been finalised. We received 123 applications and have been able offer places to 52 students coming from 18 different countries. This edition of the Summer School will also provide three methodological workshops (for titles and details visit that we will be accessible online to all the EASP postgraduate members and postdocs. Further details on dates, timing, and how to participate online will be shared soon.

In the past weeks the Executive Committee has worked on a revision of the Summer School format, based also on the valuable feedback of previous organisers and teachers. As part of this work and given the importance of the Summer School to our association, the Executive Committee has decided to launch a call for a Summer School to be organised in 2025.


The EASP Executive Committee invites offers to organise and host the Summer School for 2025. The EASP Summer Schools are the cornerstone of the association’s dedication to junior scholars and mark for many of us the beginning of a long-standing relationship with the association.

Typically spanning a duration of 10-14 days, the Summer School comprises a series of parallel workshops (3-5) led by both external and internal teaching personnel. It is a requirement that the workshop topics and teaching staff reflect a diverse range of subjects and backgrounds, thereby embodying the breadth of our association.

Our Summer Schools are renowned for their popularity, attracting many students worldwide. However, the scale of participation is contingent upon the number of workshops and local infrastructure (between 30 and 60 participants). In our pursuit of inclusivity, affordable housing options and accessibility for individuals with disabilities should be readily available.

Traditionally held between late June and mid-August, EASP is committed to providing financial support for the organisation of the Summer School. Additionally, participants will be expected to contribute towards the associated costs, and it is a prerequisite that attendees are EASP members. Furthermore, as part of a reciprocal arrangement, 8 places will be reserved for students from our sister associations SASP and SPSP, enriching the international character of the event.

Please note that applications must be submitted by EASP members and should detail the administrative, technical, and financial feasibility of the proposal, aligning with the abovementioned criteria.
Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Meetings Officer, Claudia Manzi ( to receive further details about how to apply. All submissions should be directed to our Executive Officer, Wendy Rulkens (, no later than July 15, 2024.