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Call for abstracts: SPSSI-EASP Small Group Meeting 2022

10.05.2022, by Hannah Schäfer in announcement, call for papers

Boston, United States of America
Submission deadline: June 1st, 2022

Logo: SPSSI and EASP
Logo: SPSSI and EASP

Advances in LGBTIQ+ Research - Contextual Cues, Debates, and Legal Changes

Hässler, Tabea, University of Zurich
Atwood, Stats, Princeton University
Eisner, Léïla, University of Zurich
Morgenroth, Thekla, Purdue University

The landscape for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer/questioning (LGBTIQ+) individuals worldwide is shifting rapidly. While overall levels of acceptance, representation, and legal inclusion have improved in the past decade, change has not occurred in a unilaterally positive direction. Research indicates increasing polarization between countries as some countries have enhanced the legal rights of LGBTIQ+ people, others have remained stagnant, and some have even reduced the legal protection of LGBTIQ+ people. Moreover, these advances vary widely between identity groups under the LGBTIQ+ umbrellas with some groups enjoying high levels of acceptance, representation, and inclusion while others lack basic humanity.

The goal of this small group meeting is to discuss the diversity and implications of LGBTIQ+ research guided by four themes: 1) diversity of research methodologies/approaches, 2) differences in socio-political climate between and within countries/regions, 3) differences between the experiences and priorities of different subgroups within the LGBTIQ+ community, 4) laying the groundwork for cross-national research projects. To achieve these goals, we would like to invite researchers with different methodological approaches and diverse backgrounds along the dimensions of nationality, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, gender identity, native language, and academic rank to our small group meeting. A central goal of the small group meeting is to generate ideas for joint research projects and to potentially put together a special issue of the Journal of Social Issues. We will facilitate this by assigning the participants to smaller groups based on interest to generate research ideas that will be shared with the plenum.

The meeting will occur at the Swissnex premise October 20-22, 2022 in Boston. We aim to create a diverse small group meeting with junior and senior scholars representing SPSSI and EASP. We especially encourage applications from junior scholars, scholars from underrepresented countries, and minority scholars, and balance the number of scholars from the U.S. and outside the U.S. To this end, one third of the available spots will be reserved for junior scholars, and we will aim to partially subsidize travel and lodging costs for participants who do not get reimbursed by their universities with funding provided by SPSSI and EASP.

We are currently inviting abstracts (maximum 250 words) stating how your research related to the four themes identified above and which methods you apply. Please email your abstract, along with a short paragraph on why you would like to attend the meeting and a note on your career status, your country of residency, whether you would be interested in contributing to a special issue, and whether you are an member of EASP and/or SPSSI to Tabea Hässler ( and Stats Atwood ( by June 1st 2022 (rolling admission until June 15th 2022).

To best take advantage of the small group meeting format, we have a strong preference to hold the event in person in Boston. However, if the COVID-19 conditions threaten the feasibility of an in-person meeting in October, we will consider hybrid and online formats, based on the specific situation and needs of all accepted participants.

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