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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Call for Organizing the 2024 EASP Sumer School

25.05.2023, by Media Account

Deadline: September 15, 2023

Summer School, 2014
Summer School, 2014

The Executive Committee calls for offers to organize and host the next Summer School (2024). The EASP Summer Schools are the cornerstone of EASP’s dedication towards junior scholars and mark for many of us the begin of a long-standing relationship with the association. We are particularly interested in offers form countries (and parts of Europe more generally) that have not hosted an EASP summer school and that can provide an invigorating environment for junior scholars.

The Summer School typically last 10-14 days, and consists of a set of parallel workshops (3-5) co-facilitated by external and/or internal teaching staff. The topics of the workshops, as well as the teaching staff involved should be diverse, both in terms of topics and staff, and reflect the breadth of the association. The Summer Schools are popular, attracting between 30-60 students, yet the scope of participants depends on the number of workshops and the local possibilities. Affordable housing should be available. Access to buildings for people with disability should be warranted. The Summer School is typically held sometime between late June and mid of August. EASP is financially supporting the organization and participants contribute to the costs, too. In a reciprocity agreement, our sister associations, SASP and SPSP traditionally receive some seats for their students, contributing to the international flair of the event.

Potentially interested organizing teams can also use the upcoming GM for informal conversations with the EC and past local organizers. Please feel free to reach out to Kai Jonas ( in case you are interested.
Deadline: Please send your application detailing the administrative, technical, and financial feasibility of your offer in line with the requirements outlined above including information about the facilities to our Executive Officer Wendy Rulkens ( as soon as possible but in any case by September 15, 2023.