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Call for Papers: Examining the Processes Involved in the "Yellow Vest" and other Collective Movements

28.05.2019, by Tina Keil in call for papers

International Review of Social Psychology
Expression of interest: June 30th, 2019

Photo credits: Pelle De Brabander (CC-BY-2.0) in total, 2 pictures
Photo credits: Pelle De Brabander (CC-BY-2.0)

In recent months, the "yellow vest" movement has occupied an important place in the French and international media. Given its recency, this movement has yet to be analyzed in a scientific way. In this context, the International Review of Social Psychology proposes a special issue to examine the social psychological processes involved in this movement and more broadly, in collective movements.

In this special issue, we encourage any submission that offers a social psychological analysis of collective movements such as the yellow vests. We are interested in both the determinants of engagement in the movement, the mechanisms of its evolution, and its effects on representations and intergroup relations. We welcome research that analyses, for example, the effects of identity, intergroup relations, threat, social influence, comparison and social inequality on the emergence, evolution and consequences of the movement. With respect to empirical papers that do not investigate the Yellow Vests movement specifically, the relevance of the study for the understanding of this movement should however be provided.

The expected articles may be empirical or theoretical. The special issue will contain a maximum of 7 articles. Articles will take the form of research articles (10,000 words) or short research notes (max 3000 words). We also encourage submissions in the form of Confirmatory or Exploratory reports (see

The submission process will be divided into two stages:

  • A first step is to submit a 300-word Expression of Interest (abstract) by June 30, 2019.
  • If the expression of interest is accepted, the second step will be to submit a manuscript by October 1, 2019. The manuscript will then be submitted to an expert appraisal process.

Authors may submit their declaration of interest and manuscript in French or English, but the final version of the manuscript will necessarily be in English.

For any questions or requests for additional information, you can contact O. Klein or C. Darnon (

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