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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Call for unpublished data: Predictors of science scepticism/negative science attitudes

08.11.2023, by Natalia Zarzeczna

Please respond by 29 February, 2024

Dear EASP colleagues,

We are conducting a meta-analysis on the predictors of science scepticism. Specifically, we are looking to examine the relationship between worldview/demographic variables and science attitudes.

We would be grateful for any unpublished data that come from correlational studies and involve measures of any of the following predictor variables:

1. Religiosity
2. Religious fundamentalism/orthodoxy
3. Spirituality
4. Political ideology (or anything related to political worldviews)
5. Scientific literacy
6. Science knowledge
7. Science interest
8. Education
9. Gender
10. Age
11. Income

in combination with any of the following outcome variables:

1. Science scepticism
2. Belief in science
3. Trust in science
4. Faith in science
5. Trust in scientists
6. Trust in scientific institutions
7. Confidence in science
8. Any general science attitude measures

We are interested in zero-order correlations between any of the predictor and outcome variables. We would be happy for the authors to share either their datasets or correlation matrices with sample sizes, reliabilities (Cronbach's alpha) of the scales (if relevant), demographic information, country which most participants were recruited from, and sample types (students, convenience sample, MTurk/Prolific, representative sample).

If the authors agree to share full datasets, we would only use these datasets to compute the correlations and we would keep the datasets confidentially.

Thank you for considering our request.

Kind regards,
Natalia Zarzeczna, Eva Vogel, Paul Hanel, Bastiaan Rutjens
Please respond to