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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Codol Awards 2017

13.12.2016, by Sibylle Classen in award

The Executive Committee is honoured to announce that the 2017 Codol Award go to our colleagues Naomi Ellemers, Miguel Moya, and Vincent Yzerbyt

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Please click on the photo of Naomi Ellemers to view the other two award winners Miguel Moya and Vincent Yzerbyt

In each General Meeting year, EASP recognises the contributions of our members through a variety of awards. One of these is the Jean-Paul Codol award, which recognises outstanding service to the Association (you can read more about the award here: This award is selected by the Executive Committee of EASP and, this year, it was open to suggestions from members--thank you to all members who came forward with suggestions. You can be sure that all were carefully considered. We also considered additional candidates proposed by members of the EC.

Each suggestion was considered on its own merits and without consideration of how many members had put it forward, or who had done so (in fact, only the President was aware of this information). We are fortunate to have many active members who serve the association for long periods of time, so it is never an easy decision to make. Among other things, the committee considered service to the association as member of the EC, as member of editorial boards of social psychology journals, organization of events on behalf of the association, or its members, important roles played in grant selection panels, and in the promotion of social psychology among other disciplines and among stakeholders and users of our research, mentoring of young scholars, as well as a role played in the internationalisation of social psychological work carried out in their own country.

After much careful consideration, we are honoured to announce that the 2017 Jean-Paul Codol awards go to Miguel Moya, Naomi Ellemers, and Vincent Yzerbyt. They truly embody the spirit of the association and of this award, due to their tireless and selfless dedication to the field. The awards will be delivered at the GM's awards session. Please come and show your appreciation to this exceptional colleagues.

On behalf of the EC and the members of EASP, I wish to congratulate Miguel, Naomi, and Vincent on their awards and thank them for their service to the community.

Manuela Barreto, on behalf of the Executive Committee