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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

EJSP Early Career Best Manuscript Award 2016

22.05.2017, by Sibylle Classen in announcement, award

Winner 2016: Daniel R. Rovenpor

Each year, since 2003, the editorial team of the EJSP awards a prize to the best paper published in EJSP to have been first-authored by a researcher within three years of their doctoral degree.

The editors of the European Journal of Social Psychology (EJSP) are pleased to inform you about the EJSP Early Career Best Manuscript Award winner for 2016.

Rovenpor, D. R., Leidner, B., Kardos, P. & O'Brien, T. C. (2016). Meaning threat can promote peaceful, not only military-based approaches to intergroup conflict: The moderating role of ingroup glorification, European Journal of Social Psychology, 46(5), 544-562, doi: 10.1002/ejsp.2183