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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Handling of EASP Grant Research Funds during COVID-19 Pandemic

23.03.2020, by Tina Keil in announcement

New principles regarding EASP Research Grants
Applicable until further notice.

EASP Grants
EASP Grants

The EASP has set some principles so that research funds can be still granted to eligible applicants - but certain conditions apply due to the Corona virus pandemic. Nevertheless, we believe that we cannot give up in planning our activities and carrying out our research, and EASP wants to support this.

  • Delays in the use of allocated research grants (Seedcorn grants, Collaborative grants, Pre-registered Research Grants) are acceptable but grantees are requested to communicate to the EASP when and how funds will be used. It is expected that the research described in the application will be nonetheless carried out.
  • Cancelled but paid and non-refundable travel expenses will be considered as sunk costs by the EASP. Grant recipients are not requested to return the money they were allocated. However, documentation of cancellation should be provided. To avoid this, grantees are strongly advised to seek an alternative time period later this year or next year.
  • Unfortunately, the EASP cannot support rebooking fees.
  • Travel and research grants cannot be re-issued.

These measures will stay in place until further notice.