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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Lewin Awards 2017

13.12.2016, by Sibylle Classen in award

The Executive Committee is honoured to announce that the 2017 Lewin Awards go to our colleagues Fabrizio Butera, Pablo Brinol, and Colin Leach

Pablo_Brinol.jpg in total, 3 pictures

Please click on the photo of Pablo Brinol to view the other two award winners Fabrizio Butera and Colin Leach.

In each General Meeting year, EASP recognises the contributions of our members through a variety of awards. One of these is the Kurt Lewin award, which recognises mid-career achievements in social psychology (you can read more about the award here: This award is selected by an independent selection committee and chaired by the President of EASP. This year, the selection committee consisted of Monica Rubini, Andrea Abele-Brehm, Francois Ric, and Manuela Barreto. Candidates can be self-nominated or are nominated by EASP members.

It was particularly hard to reach a decision on this award, given the absolutely exceptional profile of all candidates. We made a serious effort to consider candidates in holistic terms, rather than based only on a narrow definition of excellence, and to consider a diverse selection of candidates.”

After much careful consideration, we are pleased to announce that the 2017 Kurt Lewin awards go to Pablo Brinol, Fabrizio Butera, and Colin Leach. Their track records are terribly impressive, as well as showcasing great breadth and innovation, both theoretically and methodologically. It is a great honour to recognise their contributions. The awards will be delivered at the GM's awards session. Please come and show your appreciation to this exceptional colleagues.

On behalf of the EC and the members of EASP, I wish to congratulate Pablo, Fabrizio, and Colin on their amazing work.

Manuela Barreto, on behalf of the Executive Committee