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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Meta-analysis on emotion recognition from facial expressions by cultural in-group vs out-group members: Call for unpublished data and papers

28.05.2024, by Media Account

Deadline: 17 June, 2024

Dear colleagues,

We are conducting a meta-analysis on the emotion recognition from facial expressions by cultural in-group vs out-group members, pre-registered at: We have done a systematic search for published studies and are now also looking for un-published data that meet the following criteria:

1. Emotional facial expressions by human expressers were used as stimuli
2. An emotion recognition task was used where human subjects were asked to judge which emotions were conveyed in such a way that accuracy scores could be calculated.
3. There is a cultural in-group vs out-group distinction between the expressors and the perceivers. This could be created through either having subjects from one culture view emotion expressions by individuals from their own culture and another culture, or by having one set of expressions originating from one culture judged by perceivers from the same culture as well as another culture. Note that cultural groups can be defined as people differing in countries of origin, race, ethnicity, or languages spoken.

We would be grateful if you could share with us any (recently) published articles as well as unpublished work, including papers in progress or in press, write-ups of unpublished data, student reports, or presentations, that you may have. We are specifically looking for studies conducted since 2002, when a previous meta-analysis was conducted on this topic (Elfenbein and Ambady, 2002).

Please send your data to Yong-Qi Cong ( by 17 June. We can directly include studies that reported accuracy scores in percentages, but if your data were processed differently, we are also happy to compute scores from your raw data if you think a percentage accuracy could be calculated. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are in doubt whether your data fit the inclusion criteria or have any other questions.

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,
Yong-Qi Cong, Agneta Fischer, Hilary Anger Elfenbein and Disa Sauter