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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Meta-analysis on the impact of emotional apologies on forgiveness

24.01.2024, by Media Account

Deadline: 22 March, 2024


Dear Colleagues,

We are conducting a meta-analysis on the impact of emotional apologies on forgiveness. We would now like to include unpublished studies (including those that have been presented at conferences or are in the process of publication). We are seeking studies that:

* Either measure or manipulate at least one emotion in an apology context, including either the apologiser's emotion and/or the expression of emotion within the apology.
* Measure at least one response following an apology, including either perception of the apology or apologiser, emotional reactions, forgiveness, and/or an indicator of social change intentions/behaviour.
* Quantitative studies.

If you have unpublished studies meeting the above inclusion criteria, please write to us by March 22nd, 2024.

Best wishes,

Sophie Russell (, Erica Hepper, Fabio Fasoli, Aífe Hopkins-Doyle & Felien Boone