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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Meta-analysis on the relationship between gender essentialism, system justification and gender violence - Call for unpublished data

19.01.2023, by Media Account

Deadline: March 19th, 2023

Dear colleagues,

We are seeking published and unpublished data on the relationship between a) gender essentialism and system justification or b) gender essentialism and gender violence and gender identification for a meta-analysis that colleagues and I are conducting.

Our inclusion criteria include data/results that meet the following:

1. Contain a measure of:

a. gender essentialism or heteronormative ideology or cissexism in either disadvantaged (e.g., LGBTQIA+) or advantaged groups (cisgender men and women);

b1. system justifying ideologies, such as general system justification, just world belief, specific system justification (e.g., gender justification), social dominance orientation or sexism;


b2. gender violence or gender identification;

2. Permit to compute an index of association (e.g., Pearson’s r) between gender essentialism/heteronormative ideology and system justification or other measure indicated above;

3. Being quantitative (experimental or survey design).

If you have unpublished or nearly published data/results (including thesis) that might meet these criteria, please let us know by emailing Francesca Rossi ( or Luca Caricati ( preferably by March 19th, 2023.

We are hoping to include as many relevant studies as possible and every single study helps! If you are unsure if your data fit our criteria or if you have any other questions, please write us.

With kind regards,

Luca Caricati, Francesca Rossi (University of Parma, Italy)