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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

New Chief Editors Appointed for ERSP

07.12.2022, by Media Account

We are pleased to announce that we have secured excellent editors for the European Review of Social Psychology (ERSP). Ayse Uskul and Martijn van Zomeren will take over the helm starting January 2023. In the past, typical ERSP papers have summarized a published research program by one author to provide a one-stop-shop for their work. While this has been a popular and successful format, it often meant that the diversity of authors and topics was restricted to such examples. The new editors will work to maintain the advantages of the format, while also sharpen the journal’s profile and enhance diversity:
“We aim to (1) maintain ERSP’s high-quality profile as a theoretical review journal for research in social psychology, and (2) expand its scope and coverage in terms of fostering (a) integrative and critical theorizing, and (b) diversity in topics, perspectives, and geographical focus to position ERSP as a global platform for scientific exchange. To this end, we have assembled a large and distinguished editorial board, which reflects the expertise, experience, and diversity – geographical, methodological, and theoretical – required for realizing our goals. We look forward to receiving and inviting the very best of what social psychology has to offer across the world, both theoretically and empirically.”