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New Publication: IN (EQUALITIES)

18.01.2018, by Sibylle Classen in publication

by Paolo Calegari; Milano, Italy: MIMESIS, 2017;
ISBN: 978-88-5754-359-8

Book Cover
Book Cover

The discourse of Jean Jacques Rousseau on the social inequalities, in some respect, has been preceded and followed, by the analysis of different authors ( some of them are here present) who gave their opinion on differentiated perspectives: Ideologist (Mao- Tse Tung and Milton Friedman), systemic (Etienne de La Boetie and Humberto Maturana), rationalistic (Noam Chomsky), ecumenical (Jorge Bergoglio), utopian (Thomas More), pragmatist (Bertrand Russell), clinical (Julia Kristeva).

The author thinks that the importance of the inequalities does concern not only some economic and social situations of the individuals, but also some psychological experiences that involve all members of a community.