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New Publication: LA DIGNITÀ UMANA

01.11.2018, by Tina Keil in publication

by Paola Calegari; Milano, Italy, Mimesis, 2018;
ISBN: 978-88-5754-917-9


LA DIGNITÀ UMANA (Human Dignity)
dal concetto di Pico della Mirandola alla sua oggettivazione storica (from the concept of Pico della Mirandola to its historical objectification)

The principle of indeterminacy of man mentioned by Pico della Mirandola in his famous "Oration" (1482) was recently taken up by the french jurist Mireille Delmas-Marty, who proposed to include it among the fundamental and inalienable rights of man, as a specific feature of its identity.

Calegari reviews texts by eminent thinkers, sociologists, historians, logicians, biologists and ecologists (Kierkegaard, Steiner, Buber, Teilhard de Chardin, Jonas, Skinner, Luhmann, Habermas, Atlan, Gore) who, in their reflections, have treated - directly or indirectly - the principle enunciated by Pico, contributing to making it current and susceptible to further development in its normative and cultural definition, also in the context of the debate on the human genome and on some relevant aspects of eugenics.