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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Open Online Discussion - Internationalization: In Reference to Whom?

14.03.2024, by Angela Maitner

Contextualizing the Globalization of Personality and Social Psychology

When: 12 PM US ET (16:00 UTC), March 18 and 12 AM US ET (4:00 UTC), March 21

Note: The session is being held twice, at different times, to accommodate attendees in global locations.

The push to ensure more global representation in psychology is both important and challenging. Issues remain around expanding our scientific database and little discussion has considered the role that teaching plays in globalizing personality and social psychology. The SPSP International Committee invites you to participate in a discussion on barriers-- and solutions-- to increase global representation and inclusion in personality and social psychology. We invite you to share your experience, in your context. In this way, we hope to both learn new perspectives, and establish concrete goals that can be enacted through the committee agenda for AY 2024-25.

You’re welcome to attend either or both of the online sessions, held for the convenience of different time zones and hosted by members of the current and upcoming SPSP International Committees.

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