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Psi Chi NICE: Crowdsourcing - Call for Proposals

08.06.2020, by Tina Keil in call for papers

Psi Chi’s Network for International Collaborative Exchange (NICE); Submission deadline: July 31st, 2020

PSI CHI Network
PSI CHI Network

Psi Chi’s Network for International Collaborative Exchange (NICE) is officially accepting proposals for the CROWD component

A word on NICE…

The NICE is concerned with facilitation of cross-cultural research amongst Psi Chi members and other researchers both Nationally and Internationally. A subcomponent of NICE, NICE:CROWD, will include a short list of research questions, with the goal of generating data from many locations using the same research protocol. CROWD offers a plethora of benefits to researchers such as: reducing the burden of having to solicit large numbers of participants, increasing the diversity of study samples, providing researchers accessible materials and protocols, and providing a convenient platform for faculty to engage students in the scientific research process.

We are officially inviting you to submit your own research question that you would like to see answered! We invite researchers to propose research questions using the Center for Open Science (COS) Preregistration Template and shared with us using the Open Science Framework (OSF). Instructions are provided below:

Submitting a research question to NICE:CROWD can be down in just 4 main steps!

  1. Come up with a cross cultural research question you would like to see answered! Please note that with COVID-19 restrictions, we are interested in proposals that align with local health guidelines and IRB guidance.
  2. Create an OSF account - this is the hub for all things NICE! (Note: if your country does not allow access to OSF, you are still welcome to submit on Psi Chi’s website!)
    b. Signing up just requires providing a name, e-mail address, and a password for your OSF account.
    c. NICE will add you to our main OSF page
  3. Preregistration of the proposal with the COS.
    a. All proposals are required to be submitted in a standardized format.
    b. To submit a question please fill out this form and submit it to the COS for an initial review using this link
  4. Share your proposal with us! Once you have completed the pre-registration template, and sent it to the COS for review, we ask collaborators to send the link to their completed preregistration to the following e-mail address: We then ask researchers to upload their completed preregistration template to their own OSF page and notify NICE Chair Mary Moussa Rogers via e-mail to

Proposals are due July 31st, 2020! Please don’t hesitate to contact Mary Moussa Rogers at with any questions. From getting set up with the OSF, to filling out the pre-registration template, to moral support - we are here to help!