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04.07.2016, by Sibylle Classen in publication

Advances in Intergroup Communication
edited by Howard Giles and Anne Maass

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Publisher and product details:

Peter Lang, New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2016. VII, 355 pp., num. ill. Language as Social Action. Vol. 21
Print: ISBN 978-1-4331-3030-4 pb. (Softcover)
Print: ISBN 978-1-4331-3031-1 hb. (Hardcover)

Advances in Intergroup Communication is a timely contribution to the field. It reflects developments in older, more established intergroup settings (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, organizations) whilst introducing newer studies such as the military and political parties. It also pays attention to emerging trends in new media and social networks and considers the developing field of neuroscience of communication.
The volume brings together authors from different geographical areas (North America, Europe, and Australia) and from different disciplines (particularly communication, linguistics, and psychology). Contributions are organized around five themes, corresponding to the five sections of the book: defining features and constraints; tools of intergroup communication; social groups in their context; intergroup communication in organizations; and future directions.

Howard Giles/Anne Maass: Advances in and Prospects for Intergroup Communication: Prologue – Katharine Greenaway/Kim Peters/S. Alexander Haslam/William Bingley: Shared Identity and the Intergroup Dynamics of Communication – Katlyn Gangi/Jordan Soliz: De-Dichotomizing Intergroup and Interpersonal Dynamics: Perspectives on Communication, Identity and Relationships – Marko Dragojevic: Language Attitudes as Intergroup Terrain – Craig O. Stewart: News Media and Intergroup Contexts – Becky Robinson and Scott A. Reid: Political Correctness – Nick Haslam/Elise Holland/Michelle Stratemeyer: Intergroup Metaphors – Peter Hegarty/Sandra Mollin/Rob Foels: Binomial Word Order and Social Status – Luigi Castelli/Giovanni Galfano: Nonverbal Behavior and Intergroup Communication – Caleb T. Carr/ Eric J. Varney/J. Ryan Blesse: Social Media and Intergroup Communication: Collapsing and Expanding Group Contexts – Ute Gabriel/Pascal Gygax: Gender and Linguistic Sexism – Fabio Fasoli/Anne Maass/Simone Sulpizio: Communication of the «Invisible»: Disclosing and Inferring Sexual Orientation through Visual and Vocal Cues – Charlotte Nau: An Intergroup Approach to Political Communication – DaJung Woo/Karen Myers: Organizational Socialization and Intergroup Dynamics – Lori Leach/Bernadette Watson/David G. Hewett/Gavin Schwarz/Cindy Gallois: Intergroup Communication and Leadership in Healthcare – Steve R. Wilson/Skye M. Chernichky: Intergroup Communication Perspectives on Military Families and the Military-Civilian Divide – Richard Clément/Catherine Bielajew/Sinthujaa Sampasivam: Towards a Social Neuroscience of Intergroup Communication – Martin Ehala/Howard Giles/Jake Harwood: Conceptualizing the Diversity of Intergroup Settings: The Web Model – Cynthia Stohl/Howard Giles/Anne Maass: Social Networks and Intergroup Communication.