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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Tajfel Award 2017

08.12.2016, by Sibylle Classen in award

The Executive Committee is honoured to announce that the 2017 Tajfel award goes to our colleague Klaus Fiedler

Klaus Fiedler.jpg
Klaus Fiedler.jpg

In each General Meeting year, EASP recognises the contributions of our members through a variety of awards. One of these, is the Tajfel award, which aims to recognise a career contribution or life time achievement (you can read more about the award here: This award is selected by the EC and this year, for the first time, was open to suggestions from members. We received a good number of suggestions, all referring to very deserving EASP members, and considered a number of additional candidates. First of all, we would like to thank all members who came forward with suggestions and to ensure them that all were carefully considered in the selection process.

Each suggestion was considered on its own merits and without consideration of how many members had put it forward, or who had done so (in fact, only the President was aware of this information). We considered the career-long contributions to social psychology with regard to theory development, methodological advances, breadth of contribution, mentoring of early career scholars from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, and contributions made to the discipline through editorial and executive posts. We made a serious effort to consider candidates in holistic terms, rather than based only on a narrow definition of excellence, and to consider a diverse selection of candidates. After much careful consideration, we are honoured to announce that the 2017 Tajfel award goes to our colleague Klaus Fiedler. As I am certain most EASP members recognise, Klaus is a truly outstanding scholar and has contributed to the discipline in all of the ways described above—and much more! Klaus will be delivering the Tajfel lecture at our next GM, in Granada—come and listen to exactly why he is more than deserving of this award!

On behalf of the EC and the members of EASP, I wish to congratulate Klaus on the sustained excellence of his scholarship and to thank him for all his work on behalf of social psychology.

Manuela Barreto, on behalf of the EC