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The Art of Presenting: Delivering Successful Presentations in the Social Sciences and Humanities

10.12.2020, by Tina Keil in publication

by Fieke Harinck and Esther van Leeuwen (2020); Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 978-1-107-13907-7 (hardback) / 978-1-316-50431-4 (paperback).

The Art of Presenting
The Art of Presenting

Are you teaching presentation skills to your students? Or are you looking for tips and tricks to update your own skills and deliver with impact? Are you struggling to make an impressive online presentation? Then this book and free bonus chapter can be of great help!

Delivering professional presentations of scientific work is an important part of an academic’s life. Oral presentations are important not only because you present your scientific work, but also because you present yourself to potential hiring committees, grant committees, and collaborators. This book uses insights from the field of psychology, as well as from the theatre, to teach you how to make a lasting impression. It addresses core topics such as how to design presentation slides, how to practice, and how to deliver your presentation to a range of audiences. Useful exercises are provided to help you cope with presentation anxiety, make the most out of conferences, and adapt your presentation to various formats, audiences, and cultures. It is not easy to present with impact, but this book contains the guidance you need to master the art of presenting.

Now with FREE bonus chapter: The Art of Online Presentations. In this chapter, we dive into some of the fundamental differences between online and face-to-face presentations, and we offer some useful tips to help you design and deliver your online presentation.