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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Travel Grant Report

11.12.2023, by Media Account in grant report

Acintya Ratna Priwati visit to the 2023 SASP Summer School

SASP Summer School 2023 in total, 2 pictures
SASP Summer School 2023

SASP Summer School 2023 in Australia

I embarked on a more than 16,000-kilometer journey, courtesy of the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP), leading me to the Society of Australasian Social Psychology (SASP) Summer School 2023 in Australia. Hosted by the University of Melbourne, this transformative experience has broadened my academic perspectives and defined a chapter in my personal and professional growth.

The SASP Summer School 2023 was a dynamic and intellectually stimulating dive into contemporary intergroup relations research. In Stream 1, I explored The Real Between-Groups Analysis with Dr. Joel Anderson and Dr. Michael Thai. The sessions were crafted to foster a vibrant learning environment, covering the theoretical aspects of intergroup relations research and providing practical insights rooted in social psychology—a toolkit for future academic and professional pursuits.

Our discussions addressed significant topics, including the modification of the Constitution to acknowledge the First Peoples of Australia through the establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, the colonized nature of psychology, challenges in social psychology, and insights for those starting a new academic career.

Interactions with participants from worldwide expanded my cultural outlook, broadening my worldview and fostering skills for meaningful cross-cultural collaborations. Networking opportunities connected me with professionals and peers with similar research interests, laying the groundwork for exciting future research projects and academic pursuits.

I am sincerely grateful to EASP for their generous support as the travel grant catalyzed this cross-cultural experience. I am genuinely thankful for the confidence and trust placed in me.

Here's to new horizons and the exciting adventures ahead!

Warm regards,

Acintya Ratna Priwati
Université Paris Cité and Universitas Gadjah Mada