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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

What is context dependency? Call for participation

06.03.2024, by Mathias Twardawski

What is context dependency? Participate in this short online study to share your perspective.

Dear EASP community,

In this call, we are recruiting researchers and scientific staff as participants for a research project that is being conducted by the Chair of Social Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. In this project, we are examining the causes of effect heterogeneity in social psychological science. We therefore conduct systematic conceptual replications to identify factors that causally contribute to effect heterogeneity in the so-called “Imagined Intergroup Contact Effect”.

In the present study, we try to understand researchers’ expectations of what aspects of a study may have an impact on the size of the “Imagined Intergroup Contact Effect”. More specifically, we collect predictions on the size of the effect when the study is being replicated under varying circumstances.

Participation takes only about 15 minutes and can be completed easily via smartphone or computer.

We warmly welcome all individuals holding a Ph.D. in the social sciences or currently pursuing a Ph.D. to participate in our study. Expertise on the “Imagined Intergroup Contact Effect” is not required.

The survey is accessible via the following link:

We highly appreciate your participation and thank you in advance for your support

Kind regards
Mathias Twardawski